Who are we at The Center for Reincarnation Studies?

Our goal in studying reincarnation is to utilize this website as a research project, collecting cases, and uncovering evidence to prove the truth and validity of the theory that our souls have lived before and will live again. People all over the world from every religious background have experienced phenomenon pointing to the existence of past lives, whether famous, infamous, or utterly lost to history. We here at The Center believe only careful analysis of a variety of cases can establish a standard of evidence, the evolution of the soul, and how the past can aid the present.

What do we do?

The Center for Reincarnation Studies approaches research and public assistance from a variety of angles including true accounts of past lives; suggested reincarnation-related books, television, or film; and different religious beliefs (Dharmic Religions, Paganism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and so forth). We also encourage discussion about the laws of Karma; debate on regression therapy; the development of Western beliefs; theories on different planes of existence; existence between lives; soul evolution; guidance in historical research; and a great deal more.

The cases presently collected by The Center are divided for easy navigation into several categories based on historical periods such as the Dark Ages, Middle Ages, various worldwide revolutions, World War I, World War II, and everything in between. Those involved with case studies are encouraged to be brave and come forward with their present identities, but are certainly not required to do so. Therefore, some cases will appear on an anonymous basis. New cases are accepted for consideration and study all the time. Even if submitted cases do not meet the required criteria to be featured here, one of our staff will certainly provide tips and advice on how to further investigate the case and possibly submit it again.

Conceived of and operated by Jessica Jewett and Nellie Kampmann, with assistance from Betsy Craig, The Center for Reincarnation Studies strives to take the stigma out of past life experiences and work toward more regulated standards of research and evidence.