Meet Our Researchers

Jessica Jewett: Co-Founder

In her mid-30s, Jessica has already lived a full life. She has been a reincarnation researcher for about twenty years along with more generalized paranormal investigations. Identifying as a Pagan of the Celtic persuasion gives her a unique perspective on the soul and its many incarnations as well. Even so, she believes in allowing people to experience spirituality through the lenses of their own lives. Each story is as different as fingerprints or eye colors. Reincarnation evidence is most powerful, in her opinion, when the individual comes to understand more about themselves by drawing their own parallels.

Jessica was born with a condition known as Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. Due to the circumstances of her birth, she is a quadriplegic. Learning to paint and write was in her from a very young age, so she taught herself to do both with the tools utilized by her mouth rather than her hands. She often incorporates themes about past lives into her art as well, which can be viewed at Art By Jessica Jewett. Besides being an artist, she is also an author. Her publications are most often fiction novels about American history. She also writes about paranormal nonfiction and occasionally dabbles in poetry. Much of her artistic endeavors reflect her spirituality as well as her love of history, almost creating a Southern Gothic aesthetic.

She lives in a little oasis near downtown Atlanta where it feel like a quiet country landscape amid a bustling city. Along with her extended family, she makes her home with two rescue dogs and four rescue cats. Living with Jessica is almost like living on a farm with all of her beloved pets, except the bustle and noise of downtown Atlanta is less than five miles away.

Nellie Kampmann: Co-Founder

Biography coming soon!