Past Lives For Beginners

The Basics of Past Lives

The purpose of reincarnation, otherwise referred to as past lives, is to learn through predetermined lessons and obstacles how to be more tolerant, generous, and loving souls. Before birth, we plan what to learn and overcome. How we react to those obstacles will determine success or failure, happiness, or unhappiness as we progress through our past lives. We choose the appearance and health of our bodies, we enter into agreements with other souls to be our family, friends and enemies, and so on. Free will facilitates the ability to set up our own goals. Should we not succeed at what we plan, we have opportunities to try again in future lifetimes until we get it right. Then we move on to new goals.

Once we finish accomplishing everything we choose, many believe we “retire” to the afterlife and become spirit guides for younger souls. Other people believe we go on to a higher plane of the afterlife and live on in paradise forever. Still others believe our souls rejoin the collective energy source, essentially making all part of one single life force. These are personal matters of spiritual belief spanning many cultures and religions that should be left to the individual person to explore and decide for themselves.

Bumping into People We Know

The Lovers by Jessica JewettMost people want to know if we can meet people that we’ve known in past lives. We do incarnate into what some call soul groups resembling social structures here in the physical world. They’re born together repeatedly switching roles in order to teach and learn from each other. Some of the most common role switches are siblings to spouses, parent/child to friends/enemies, friends to enemies, enemies to friends, etc.

Within the soul group, there are different levels: Twin Flames, Soulmates, and General Souls. Most believe Twin Flames began their existence as one soul. The soul split into two like Yin to Yang, plus to minus. They rarely incarnate together but when they do, it is always a romantic connection that serves a greater purpose. Their mutual incarnation is a lifelong commitment. One will feel lost without the other. Soulmates, on the other hand, are not limited to romantic connections. They can be a lover, a family member, or a friend. Soulmates don’t have to be lifelong connections like Twin Flames but they do have to have a major impact on the development of your soul. General Souls share a connection and a certain level of recognition. They don’t always incarnate in the same life, so the impact is not as strong.

How We Remember and Why

Most people will never remember past lives by direct means. It’s simply not advisable in every case. The universe shrouds people from remembering because the excess emotional baggage prevents them from living in the present. Some struggle to cope with traumatic events in their current lives, making past traumas far too difficult to carry into a successful future. However, when people experience flashbacks or they feel a desire to explore a specific period or event, there’s always a reason. Unresolved relationships and unfinished lessons are some of the reasons memories come to surface. Those memories will always be related to present circumstances and is never a matter of simple curiosity.

Past life exploration allows people to see their progression like a road map of where they’ve been and what they need to do to improve the journey ahead. A person can experience past lives through spontaneous flashbacks, readings from intuitives, guided or self-hypnosis. Spontaneous recall usually begins so early that a child may not know how to convey experiences to their families. An adult who wants to understand their past lives better can seek an intuitive who specializes in reincarnation. An intuitive will look at your soul and describe what they interpret as your past lives, while a clinical hypnotherapist will ease you into a state of deep relaxation that opens up your subconscious mind to retrieve detailed memories. All of these professionals are trained to help people put the pieces together so they can undo harmful cycles and build a foundation for a better spiritual future.

For a Deeper Understanding

Please consider signing up for our class on past lives that dives much deeper into how and why everything works.